b. 1986, HK.

I’m a graphic designer, wellness blogger, & creative soul who loves avocado toast and being cozy.


Alternative Titles:

Designer graduated with a graphic/web design degree
— studied ceramics in college for 1.5 years 
Violist — started learning in the 3rd grade 
Athlete — played tennis throughout high school 
Barista — served specialty coffee in a hipster cafe

Fun Facts:

My personality type is INFP 
I stand 6’2” tall 
I'm flexible/double-jointed

Few Favorites:

1. 5:30 a.m. morning light 
2. conversations over coffee 
3. spontaneous adventures 
4. walks on the beach 
5. movie nights with friends 
6. Saturday morning farmers market run 
7. book & thrift stores 
8. rainy, foggy days 
9. homemade pizza 
10. thrill rides & rollercoasters


As someone who is a passionate and hardworking creative, I aspire to make the world a brighter, friendlier place. To make this dream become a reality, I graduated from Kutztown University in December ‘18 with my BFA in Communication Design. I will be able to take and use the skills I have learned these past four years to create helpful and beautiful designs, one project at a time. Combining my minimalistic style and hand-lettering skills with my keen eye for smart design, I have a unique approach to my work. I value trying new things and I'm constantly inspired by the simplest of things, such as fresh flowers or watching the sunset. I'm always excited to collaborate and meeting new friends; contact me at to get the conversation started.